ECON 490 Information

This page contains information on my ECON 490 course, including a draft syllabus and quick answer to questions.

  • You can find a draft of my syllabus for 2020W1 here.
  • My syllabus for 2020W2 is still under development, but will be similar to 2020W1 in assessment and policies; but with some tweaks to support the changes in format.

Frequently Asked Questions (2020W1)

  • Can I attend this course even if I’m not in Vancouver?
    • Yes! The lectures will be synchronous, so it would be best if you are in a time zone which allows you to attend those, but I will be supporting individuals who cannot with recordings and other accomodations during the semester
  • Which statistical tool should I know?
    • The course will be taught using STATA, which a relatively easy-to-use (not kidding!) and professional statistical package used by professional economists and academics. You can also use R or Python, if you’re more familiar with them.
  • Are there any textbooks I need to buy?
    • It depends. If your econometrics background is weak, you may find AH Studenmund’s “Using Econometrics” valuable. If you are using certain techniques (like difference in differences or instrumental variable) you may find Angrist and Pischke’s “Mostly Harmless Econometrics” valuable.
  • My question isn’t on this list! What do I do?
    • Send me an email!

(Updated: 12-June-2020)