ECON 490 Information

This page contains information on my ECON 490 courses, including a draft syllabus and quick answers to questions. In 2023-2024, I will be offering one section of ECON 490. A description of this section can be found on our ECON 490 Course Descriptions page.

  • ECON 490 014 in term 1 will be a traditional section, with an option (if available) to participate in a CBEL option.

We are currently finalizing a list of partners for the CBEL projects, and the syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions (2023-2024)

  • Which statistical tool should I know?
    • The course will be taught using R, which a professional statistical package used by economists and academics. You can also use STATA or Python, if you’re more familiar with them.
  • What’s the deal with a CBEL option?
    • CBEL, or Community Based and Engaged Learning, is a kind of learning where you work on a project inspired or provided by community partners (e.g. businesses, NGOs, etc.) You can think of them like “mini consulting projects” – you get to determine the research, but it should speak to the needs and questions posed by our partner. This is a great way to see what “real” economists do – and get some practical work-relevant experience in the process.
  • Are there any textbooks I need to buy?
    • It depends. If your econometrics background is weak, you may find AH Studenmund’s “Using Econometrics” valuable. If you are using certain techniques (like difference in differences or instrumental variable) you may find Angrist and Pischke’s “Mostly Harmless Econometrics” valuable.
  • My question isn’t on this list! What do I do?
    • Send me an email!
  • Help! The course is full and I really want to join!
    • Unfortunately, unless this is the only section you can possibly join, I can’t help you out. Sorry!

(Updated: 2023-08-04)